Basic Five Problem Skin Starter Kit
Basic Five Problem Skin Starter Kit Basic Five Problem Skin Starter Kit
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Basic Five Problem Skin Starter Kit

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SKIN TYPE: Problem

    1. Cranberry Gommage (Cleanse/Exfoliate)
    2. AM Blemish Lotion (Treatment)
    3. Tabula Rasa (Treatment)

    4. Raspberry Clarifying Bar (Cleanse/Exfoliate)
    5. PM Blemish Lotion (Treatment)


    • Helps speed up skin’s renewal cycle
    • Tones, refines skin, and minimizes pores
    • Protects against environmental damage
    • Stimulates cell turnover & exfoliation
    • Helps restore the skin to its natural balance
    • Prevents breakouts and clogged pores
    • Controls oil production
    • Clarifies the skin and soothes inflammation


    Step 1: Exfoliate/Cleanse

    Lather cleansing bar to foaming consistency and apply with hands or cloth to wet face using light upward and outward massing circle. Rinse.

    Step 2: Hydrate

    After cleansing, apply thin layer to problem areas once daily or as needed. Leave on skin.

    Step 3: Protect


    Desert Mist: Shake well and apply one pump into palm of hand. Evenly distribute over face, including eye area, lips, neck and décolleté. (Note: Following application, allow product to dry on skin for approximately 3 minutes. Do not use too much product.)

    Step 4: Cleanse/Tone

    Use daily: Apply to wet face with light, upward and outward circles. Rinse well.


    Step 5: Regenerate

    After cleansing, apply to face, neck and décolleté with upward and outward circular motion. Use 2–4 times a week. On alternate nights, for dry skin, may use hydrator as in Step 2 above.