I was told the following when I started my business:
"if you want to know who your real friends are...
start a business and see who is by your side"

At the time that information did not mean very much, but now looking back at this entire process, that is what I have to take away from this whole experience.   All the amazing memories of friends taking my crazy ideas and helping me make them a reality.  And trust me...there were crazy a fashion show at the University Club (It was amazing by the way!).  There were cheerleaders, the ones that gave words of encouragement, the ones that spread the word, the ones who showed to every event, the ones who trusted me to pick out their whole wardrobe, the ones that were there when things did not go as planned, the amazing shop owners in Saint Paul that supported me, the ones that anticipated what I needed help with because they knew I rarely ask for help (even when I need it) and the very special ones that were there for me not only in the beginning but helped me through the end.  I feel so honored to have all of you in my life and want to thank you for not only all that you have given to me, but the lessons you have taught me on how to be a truly AMAZING friend.  You have changed my life and I love you all so very much!
xoxo, Angel