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Moon Kit Delux

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The Moon Kit Deluxe is the perfect tool for any intention. It's expansive and versatile ingredients can be used for both banishing and enticing rituals or spells, and can serve just about any purpose. Need money? Check. Want some love? We got you covered. Stressed out and need to relax? Yep, got that too. Looking for spiritual guidance? You'll find it with the Moon Kit Deluxe. 

This Ritual Kit comes standard with:

  • Both white and black chime candles
  • Ceramic candle holder
  • Pine Scotch essential oil
  • Black tourmaline, selenite, and quartz crystal
  • A mini bouquet with rose, lavender, cedar, and eucalyptus
  • Mini California white sage stick
  • Holy palo santo wood from South America
  • Instructions
A great gift for a friend, relative, or even yourself.


* Please note that because of the natural variations that make up the items in this kit, the items you receive will look similar, but not exactly, as shown. Substitutes may be added based on availability. All our natural items are sourced responsibly from it's place or people of origin.