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Glowing skin through the holidays and beyond...

Posted on 13 November 2016

Sandals, shorts and tank tops may be packed away, but Fall doesn’t have to be the end of healthy, glowing skin. Follow these six tips to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and compliment-worthy until Spring. 
  1. Choose quality natural products. On the average, we apply 10 different skin care products every day. As skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, that exposes us to nearly 130 chemicals. No one knows how these chemicals will affect us over time or in combination. By choosing products containing only natural, enzymatic-based ingredients, we control what goes into our bodies and reduce the chance of developing skin allergies, irritations and side effects.                                                                 
  2. Cleanse & Exfoliate. Daily cleansing removes dirt and environmental pollutants. Exfoliating removes dead skin, bringing the living cells to the surface where they can absorb hydrating serums (the next step).  By exfoliating 2-3 times per week, you will bring enough living cells to the surface to maximize the benefits of your serum. Without exfoliation, serums are unable reach the living cells and will not be effective.  
  3. Follow with a serum. Amazing breakthroughs have taken place with all-natural, plant-based, active ingredient serums. As these serums include only natural ingredients, skin is able to absorb them faster than their man-made, chemical-based counterparts. Choose a serum that targets your specific needs. A Vitamin C serum is a great place to start and one that all women should have in their routine. It makes skin firmer and younger looking, it stops premature aging, it fades dark spots and brightens skin. It also boosts the skin’s defense against UV exposure.                               
  4. Hydrate. It’s time to add your favorite moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that addresses your specific concerns. Many now include SPF. If yours does not, follow with sunscreen.
  5. Protect & Prime. If you have not yet applied a product with SPF, this is the time to do it. Follow with a primer before make up. Primers keep moisture in and environmental pollutants/make up out. 
  6. Drink more water. The message isn’t new but it remains one of the most import steps to great skin. Health authorities currently recommend drinking eight 8-ounces glasses (equal to about two liters or a half gallon) per day. In addition to hydrating your skin, studies show that drinking more water can boost alertness and slightly increase metabolism. 
 Follow these steps daily and you’ll breeze through the holidays and beyond with healthy, glowing skin!

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